We go in to each shoot with a basic concept – usually starting with some of our favorite inspiration photos, wardrobe ideas and a creative team in place. Once we secure the team, we’ll set a date and send our inspiration for the shoot. In most cases, the model is responsible for wardrobe unless we have plans to work with a stylist.


We require professional hair and makeup for every studio shoot we do. This elevates our end product, and gives us a foundation for our lighting and retouching process. Most shoots will require several hair and makeup changes and so our artist will stay on set for the duration of the session.


Based on our inspiration and collaboration with the hair and makeup artist, we will decide on either natural light or studio light for our session. The shoot is conducted in a professional and relaxed manner – we love casual shoot days with music, creative collaboration and excitement.


Following the session, I will select the best images from the shoot. Number of images is at my discretion and I will work to choose photos that best represent both the model and the creative collaboration with the artists involved in the session. I hand-retouch every image before delivering the final shots.


Finally, I will deliver the digital images to the model, agency and artists. Images can be shared and used with proper credit for personal marketing of all involved parties.